LEGO: Yo-Sub Joo's 85.4 x 45.3" LEGO Helicarrier is a thing of bricky beauty. [The Brothers Brick]


threezero titanfall prototype

Toys: Threezero's Titanfall prototypes keep looking better and better (and bigger!). [Threezero]


yokai watch

Anime: The Yo-Kai Watch anime (and games?) could be coming to the Americas soon. [ANN]


DC Collectibles Batman Checklist 75th anniversary

Toys: DC Collectibles has released a new chart for its 75 Batman action figures to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary. [DCC]


Movies: The first trailer for Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno packs plenty of fire. [Henshin Justice]


Dead Space 3 Threezero

Toys: Threezero will soon take on the horrors of Dead Space 3. [Threezero]

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