LEGO: Jazlecraz's The Adventure Time Project, which imagines a Micro version of Finn & Jake's tree fort and more, has earned 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO. [The Brick Fan]


TV: Barry Allen introduces himself in a new trailer for the Arrow's December 4th episode, "The Scientist." [ScreenCrush]


One Piece NYT ad

Manga: Why yes, there was a big ol' One Piece ad in the New York Times celebrating Eiichiro Oda's pirate manga having 345 million copies in print. [Crunchyroll]


Gaming: The intro for Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Wings will look a little something like this when it arrives on the 3DS in Japan. [JEFusion]


Batkid ScreenCrush

Posters: ScreenCrush commemorates Miles the Batkid's adventures with a poster homage. [ScreenCrush]


Kidrobot RED

Toys: Kidrobot is launching a line of toys benefiting the anit-AIDS efforts of RED. [Kidrobot]

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