Furniture: NECA's DC Comics lamps light up spaces with leggy Superman and Batman motifs. [NECA]


Gaming: Batman: Arkham Origins is going to bear quite a bit of DLC, but a new Season Pass option will put at least five chunks of it into players' hands for $19.99. [Arcade Sushi]


Anime: A new "mobile-puzzle-adventure-RPG" Neon Genesis Evangelion game is coming to iOS and Android devices in Japan. [Crunchyroll]


Toys: New Marvel Vinylmation figures of Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man are set to arrive at the Disney store in October. [Marvelousnews]


Gaming: While there are plenty of The Walking Dead video game options on the market, Skybound Entertainment, Steam and Unity are turing to fans to see if they can come up with the next addition in the first Walking Dead Game Jam. [ScreenCrush]


Scents: You can soon smell like the distilled essence of Attack on Titan stars with a line of fragrances named after key characters. I assume they will all smell like a blend of abject terror, unbridled rage, crippling anxiety and death? Or maybe just "mint and citrus with notes of spice and musk." [Robot6]