--The video that's taking the internet by storm: a "Green Lantern" fan-made film trailer is nothing short of incredible, with "Firefly"'s Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan.

-- Hey, New Yorkers! This Thursday, May 28 is "Carousel," ­ an event brimming with cartoon slideshows, artists, performers, and graphic novelists, featuring the likes of Todd Alcott, Megan Montague Cash, Danny Hellman, Michael Kupperman and hosted by Drawn & Quarterly's R. Sikoryak. (D&Q)

-- Paul Pope ("Batman: Year 100," "Heavy Liquid") has a sneak peek at the first two installments of his "Adam Strange" story for DC's weekly "Wednesday Comics," debuting July 2009 from DC Comics.

-- You can never be too prepared, especially with an impending zombie apocalypse. That's why Zombie Tools ­ offers accessories like the "Zack Axe" and the "Rough and Ready Bone Machete." Just in case.

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