Parody: Just in case you need a little more Green Lantern movie parody in your life, MAD's got you covered this month starting June 28. [The Source]

Movies: Tom Spurgeon ponders whether Annie is the most successful adaptation of a comic, noting its enduring legacy of success across multimedia and wider pop culture. [TCR]

Mashups: Canaan Grall makes it the Odinson's time to meet the Muppets in an awesome combo comic created as part of his 24-hour Comics Day challenge. [Robot6]

Fireworks: Americans will be shooting their share of fireworks on July 4, but it's unlikely any will erupt in Pokemon shapes. The Noshiro Harbor Festival Fireworks Display in Akita Prefecture on July 23 will have its share of Pokemon fireworks before the display travels to other cities hit by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster through the rest of the summer, however. [ANN]

Toys: Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Marvel Select Colossus will take you right into the Danger Room this October. [DST]

Replicas: It doesn't actually shoot lasers, but with a little help from your imagination, this roughly $1,000 Akira laser cannon replica can help you try to slay your insane psychic monster buddies. [Tomopop]

Customs: This custom action figure by loosecollector is a prime example of Prime looking prime. Dare I say it's better than the official Prime figures by Galoob from the '90s? [Toycutter]

Cakes: The Millennium Falcon has never looked so delicious in this wedding cake by The Butter End Cakery. [Neatorama]

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