Movies: James Gunn is officially directing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. [CBR]

Creators: In a recent interview, Grant Morrison broke down why he doesn't want to do monthly superhero comics any longer. [New Statesman]

Gaming: New screen shots from Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth show what the game will look like on Nintendo's Wii U console. [Marvelousnews]

TV: The latest Arrow clip demonstrates just how sharp the titular hero's aim is. [The CW]

Gaming: Stan Lee discusses his upcoming iOS game, Verticus. [Joystiq]

Upcoming: Marvel has announced a new Castle limited series, Castle: A Calm Before A Storm by Peter David, Robert Atkins and cover artist Mico Suayan. It'll arrive in stores on December 5. [Marvel]

Gaming: A new, 16-minute preview for Project X Zone has been unveiled and includes both cutscenes and gameplay from the Sega/Namco Bandai/Capcom crossover RPG on the Nintendo 3DS. [Crunchy Roll]

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