Movies: If you were worried about Emma Stone getting thrown off a bridge in the upcoming Spider-Man reluanch, the upcoming Gwen Stacy actress seems to be have put fears at ease on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. [Moviefone]

Interview: Tom Spurgeon talks at length with the prolific Matt Seneca. Super interesting read. [The Comics Reporter]

Cash Money: Ever wonder how much money the biggest anime/manga franchise in Japan makes for its creator? According to Bungei Shunju's Weekly Bunshun magazine, One Piece's Eiichiro Oda makes about $24 million US a year all told. [ANN]

Toys: I've seen some cool holiday cards in my day, but I really wish I'd have been on Mattel's mailing list this year. Just look at the Gray Ghost and his awesome blister pack! [TheFwoosh]

Polls: Marvel wants to know who you want to be the next Thunderbolt. I say Trapster, but only if he goes back to his Paste Pot Pete moniker. [Marvel]

Webcomics: XKCD reveals the only only coupon code you'll ever need. [The Daily What]

More Toys: Marvel Select is reissuing Red Hulk (previously an Internet exclusive), the Ultimate Hulk and the classic Green Hulk as part of a special wave of huge monsters in ripped pants. [MarvelousNews]

Upcoming Releases: It won't arrive in time for Christmas 2010, but Marvel's, A Zombie Christmas Carol, written by Jim McCann will hit in the spring of 2011. [iFanboy]

History: Ukuleles make mirth on YouTube 24/7, but did you know their secret origin? Benzilla reveals all with a one-page comic. [Benzilla]

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