I am woefully behind on my attempt to catch up with all 81 volumes of Eichiro Oda's One Piece, but I always understood this to be a series about, you know, pirates. Like, people who sail around on boats doing boat stuff and occasionally docking to have ridiculously weird super-powered pirate fights, many of which would also involve boats.

But I guess you eventually have to stop being on a boat sometime, at least for a little while, and in One Piece Film: Gold, they're heading to the city-sized casino that is Gran Tesoro for an all-new anime adventure --- and it's coming to theaters in America from January 10 to 17.



The movie made its debut in Japan last summer, bringing in ¥5.11 billion (or $50,000,000 USD), which isn't that surprising given One Piece's overwhelming popularity in both manga and anime.

Here's the official description:


The glittering Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment beyond the laws of the government, is a sanctuary for the world’s most infamous pirates, Marines, and filthy rich millionaires. Drawn by dreams of hitting the jackpot, Captain Luffy and his crew sail straight for the gold. But behind the gilded curtains lies a powerful king whose deep pockets and deeper ambitions spell disaster for the Straw Hats and the New World alike.

Based on the wildly popular hit anime manga and television series, One Piece Film: Gold follows the Straw Hat pirates to the big screen in an all-new high-flying adventure. The popular anime series that has captivated fans around the globe unfolds a new saga in this highly anticipated theatrical event.

Originally a Japanese manga series, One Piece was adapted into a television series by Toei Animation (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon) that has since aired over 760 episodes. As of August 2016, the original manga series has more than 380 million copies printed worldwide – the best-selling manga series in history.

The new film One Piece Film: Gold is part one of a new film series based on this manga series and is a standalone film that does not require new audiences to be familiar with previous content to enjoy the thrill of this new adventure.


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