Animation: The newest teaser for Disney's Marvel-based movie Big Hero 6 features big robot Baymax actually speaking. [Facebook]


Digital Comics: DC will start up a digital-comic companion to The CW's The Flash series and continue its digital Arrow series September 8 and September 1, respectively. [DC Comics blog]


Reprints: The 1947 Carl Barks Donald Duck story "The Ghost of the Grotto" is getting a really nice-looking reprint in the fall. [Fantagraphics]


Toys: These Ambiguously Gay Duo figures, which come with a lunchbox-style tin tote, are a Comic-Con exclusive. [Topless Robot]


Manga: An exhibition of One Piece art at South Korea's War Museum had to be cancelled because of protests revolving around the Japanese flags in the art. [AnimeNewsNetwork]


Movies: Here's a video look at the new motion posters for each turtle from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. [ComicBookMovie]