Good news for people who like keeping their digital comics in one easily accessible location: Today, Comixology announced that its going to be distributing digital comics from Viz Media, the publisher of a truly massive library of manga titles. Viz manga will now be available through the Comixology site, meaning that the comics can be downloaded to the popular (if controversially scaled back) Comixology app for Android and iOS devices, joining... well, pretty much every publisher on the block and keeping Comixology as a central destination for folks who want to buy digital comics.

The announcement is accompanied by the release of over 500 volumes of manga on Comixology today, including ComicsAlliance favorites like One Piece and One Punch Man, as well as a somewhat obscure title called Dragon Ball.

Previous to this announcement, Viz had been selling digital comics through a storefront on its own website, along with its own app that's pretty similar to Comixology's. That's how I've been getting One Punch Man, and while the functionality is pretty similar, the access to Comixology's existing audience, which may not be aware that Viz even had an app of its own, is definitely a big deal.

It'd be nice if they'd hook up and cross-reference purchases between the two apps so that readers (i.e. me) could have the Viz titles that they've already purchased in the same app as their other digital comics, but for now, the big story is the massive release of titles that accompanies the announcement. Here, via the Comixology press release, is the full list of what's available today:

One assumes that Viz will still keep up with its own app -- similar to how Image offers digital comics through Comixology along with DRM-free PDF and CBZ downloads from -- if only because they offer Shonen Jump as a weekly digital comic as well, something not present on Comixology at this time.

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