Movies: Superman actor Henry Cavill does some aerobics or something with some other dudes on the Man of Steel set... with his shirt off! [Screen Rant]

Cartoonists: Cartoonist Tom Scott accurately predicted the climax of the Rugby World Cup's final match in a strip for The Dominion Post a full day early. [The Comics Reporter]

Sports: Sports Illustrated takes a look at college football rankings through a superhero lens. [Sports Illustrated]

Video: Spider-Man battles "The Wall" in a classic clip from The Electric Company. [Super Punch]

Customs: Action figure customizer Speedlee knows a thing or two about taking the TMNT samurai. [Tomopop]

Gaming: The vampire-filled Infamous: Festival of Blood is now out on the PSN, just in time for Halloween. [Kotaku]

Upcoming: IDW will launch an ongoing True Blood comic series in spring, 2012. [IDW]

Anime: Disney's trailer for their American dub of Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty is now live. [Topless Robot]

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