Movies: A lot of folks like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise just the way it is, but more than a few Hugh Jackman fans might have dug the alternate timeline where the Wolverine actor took the role of Jack Sparrow. [Blastr]

Legal: The Kirby Estate's case against Marvel Entertainment, and now, parent company Disney has resumed following a hiatus. [ICv2]

Conventions: Jeff Newelt recaps his trip to Brazil's RIO Comicon, which featured some of the industry's most well-regarded talent. [The Beat]

Bedding: It's pretty rare to catch The Doctor sleeping, but it's nice to know that he can if he chooses to thanks to a New Zealand father and son team. All he has to do is win an auction. [io9]

Indie: Daniel Clowes' The Death Ray is coming from Drawn & Quarterly in Fall 2011. Mark your Clowes calendars. [Robot6]

Animation: This week's Batman: The Brave and The Bold will pit a version of Justice League International against Darkseid. Count me in. [Comic Vine]

Art: Last week we saw Tintin face down Lovecraftian horrors, but he seems to be even more surly in England care of Dran. [Super Punch]

Toys: Diamond Select has unveiled its Battle Beast Minimate that will be included with the upcoming Minimates carry case. It's Battletacular. [Toynewsi]

Memories: Long before Ben Morse worked at Marvel, he was a preteen with X-Men sketching fever. [The Cool Kids Table]

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