Movies: Marvel has posted another photo of actress Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen from Iron Man 3. She looks a lot happier than the last time we saw her. [Marvel]

Toys: Mattel's 6" Injustice: Among Us style Joker will look a little something like this in DC Unlimited's third figure wave. [TNI]

Animation: If you haven't watched it yet, Disney's Oscar nominated Paperman short is now on YouTube. [Disney]

Movies: Hey, it's Hugh Jackman doing his thing on the set of The Wolverine. [Marvel]

Gaming: New new playable characters include Enel, Bartholomew Kuma and Perona get some screen time in the latest One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 trailer. [JEFusion]

Movies: Early Avengers movie concept art reveals alien ships with a lot of Alien flavor. [Blastr]

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