Toys: Tony Stark has always been a bit of a ball-buster, so its nice to see that taken to its logical holiday conclusion. (Gizmodo)

Irony: Comic books promoting anti-piracy propaganda get pirated, naturally. (Comics Reporter)

DC: There will be no "Blackest Night" comics in January -- instead, eight defunct titles will be rising from the dead: "Power of Shazam," "Catwoman," "Suicide Squad," "The Question," "Phantom Stranger," "Weird Western Tales," "Atom and Hawkman," and "Starman," each continuing their original numbering. (The Source)
TV: Speaking of resurrections, if poor ratings finally kill Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" after this season, it may rise again -- as a comic book. (Splash Page)

Marvel: The new Marvel Comics Digital Reader 3.0 debuted its interface today -- check it out via their free samples.

: Neil Gaiman is crowdsourcing a story via Twitter. Help him out! (Popcandy)

Also, in case you missed the news out of the Baltimore retailer summit, here's what matters:

-- There's a bootlegged trailer of the new Marvel event, "Siege," up (for now) on Youtube, which is totally useless except for the last five seconds where you see a statue of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor with the dates 1963-2010 at the bottom, I guess implying that they die? Since both Cap and Thor came back from the dead about five seconds ago, this imaginary threat fails to make me feel imaginarily threatened, and the only real reaction I have is that they should just replace the final date on all superhero memorials with erasable whiteboards and/or mini-theatrical marquees with numbers that local vandals will no doubt rearrange to spell BOOBS.

-- Jeph Loeb is heading back to the Ultimates. Sorry, "New Ultimates." Excuse me for a moment, while I hand the mike over to Rob Bricken of Topless Robot:

This might be old news to some folks, but I'm just astounded. Why the fuck is Marvel letting him do this? Does Loeb have pictures of Quesada f---ing a raccoon or something? Why else on god's green earth would they let him continue s---ting all over their formerly interesting Ultimate Universe?