Movies: Judge Dredd has seriously updated his movie ride since 1995. [io9]

Industry: Dark Horse Comics has promoted staffers Sierra Hahn and Dave Marshall to full editors. [The Beat]

Digital: Skottie Young's The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer (which can be downloaded for $2 here) shows early signs of DIY success. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Charts: The Modern Ideas blog does what I always wanted to do, but never made time for. Behold, a spreadsheet of every Spider-Man comic series. [iFanboy]

Time Travel: We see a lot of TARDIS models in these parts, but this "Baby TARDIS" is a real treat. [io9]

Parody: When Batman fights the Internet, we all win. [College Humor]

Toys: The movie Ghostbusters had their run, but come April its their animated counterparts The Real Ghostbusters getting their time to shine as Art Asylum Minimates. [Toynewsi]

Movies: I kept missing the trailer for Rubber because I assumed it was some kind of documentary. It's totally about a murderous tire. I'm so happy I was wrong. [Neatorama]

Don't Mind Me: This is technically sequential art, right? Thanks Mel Marcelo! [The Daily What]

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