Movies: Leave it to a sticker book to give the Internet one of its first clear looks at Kilowog. With a few months left before Green Lantern arrives in theaters, his CGIness could always change a bit. [Slashfilm]

Confections: If you like cupcakes, Dark Horse Comics and Buffy's brand of vampire slaying, you're a very good candidate for Isotope The Comic Book Lounge's delicious-sounding Buffy themed cupcake contest. [Isotope]

Posters: How do you say Thor in French? Same as English. Merci to the French poster for Thor le film for the lesson. [SuperheroHype]

Gaming: The first new Rurouni Kenshin game in five years, Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Saisen, is coming to the PSP Portable in Japan on March 10. [Anime News Network]

Art: Do you think the current Moffat/Smith run of Doctor Who resembles a work by Dr. Seuss? Bill Mudron envisions that exact scenario. [io9]

Maps: Ever wondered what the wild world of Judge Dredd looks like from space? Now you know thanks to 2000 AD fans. [io9]

More Art: Ed Norton may no longer be playing the Hulk, but that doesn't mean he can't wrassle the Webslinger. [Brandon Bird]

Sculpture: I'm not sure what he's planning on doing with the runner, but Wayne Chisnall's life-sized pre-assembly model kit sculpture displayed at the Scream Gallery is definitely a slice of genius. [Super Punch]

Tech: Verizon's upcoming iPhone4 release will mean a lot more folks will have access to the various digital comics apps on the device. It'll be months before tangible sales increases might crop up, but this development has the potential to make a dent. [Verizon]