Music: The title track from Kirby Krackle's upcoming album, Super Powered Love is now available for download via outlets like iTunes. The album itself is also available for pre-order as its Comic-Con release approaches. [Kirby Krackle]

Gaming: If you were one of a bazillion players affected by Sony's PlayStation Network downtime awhile back, today is the last day you can cash in on their "Welcome Back" program that gives you a choice of free games. Cash in! [Joystiq]

Manga: After 15 years, Koushi Rikudo's Excel Saga manga is just a chapter away from its likely mind-bending finale. [ANN]

Lego: Alex Schranz's massive brick Batcave and Batmobile may inspire some serious Lego-envy in your soul. [Super Punch]

Sci-Fi: In roughly 11 minutes, you can behold the evolution of the Doctor Who title sequence. [Aintitcoolnews]

Toys: Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's Marvel Minimates will get new packaging starting with series 41. Blue is beautiful. [Art Asylum]

Gaming: Red 5 Studios has teamed with FireFall to help flesh out the game's backstory, but it looks like Orson Scott Card, his daughter Emily Janice Card and Udon Entertainment will be producing the game's tie-in manga novel. [FireFall]

Toys: One Piece chef Sanji's new S.H.Figuarts figure is cooking with a fire kick... and knives... and four different faces. [Tomopop]

Movies: It's not the version American fans will eventually see in 2012, but the UK trailer for Studio Ghibli's Arrietty features recent Sinestro, Mark Strong. It's good stuff in the Queen's English. [io9]

Upcoming: Love is a many-splendored and incredibly weird thing in Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders' upcoming Our Love is Real. [OLIR]

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