Webcomics: If you needed another reason to attend the Axe Cop One Year Anniversary Celebration coming up at Meltdown Comics in LA on January 27, the event will feature the premiere of the live action Axe Cop fan movie by Australian fan Peter Muehlenberg of Episode One. [Axe Cop]

Bad to the Bone: There are 199 Power Rangers (and allies) and they're all going to be in one movie together. Eat it Pokemon! [ANN]

Jorbz: Looking for a career in comics? Robot6 rounds up some open positions at Marvel, DC and Tokyopop. [Robot6]

Animation: Family Guy's homage to the '70s Hulk TV series last week was pretty spot-on. [Spinoff]

Toys: Doctor Who gets 3-D construction toys care of Character Options. I can't wait to see the buildable TARDIS when the toys hit in the spring. [Boing Boing]

Movies: Despite conflicting reports... IT WAS REAL ALL ALONG! GAHHHH! [SuperheroHype]

Humor: There've been many (maybe too many) Disney/Marvel mashups, but Marvel.com's "Steamboat Wilson" lends its healing factor to early overexposure. [Marvel]

Tech: Remember that episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where Ma Kent fooled helped maintain Superman's secret identity by showing he and Clark side-by-side with a hologram projector laser thing? This Kinect hack is way cooler than that. [Engadget]

Toys: Drew Tetz's paper toys bring Batman, Ultraman and more into the "fold." Ha! [Super Punch]

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