Animation: Why wasn't "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" star Supergirl given top billing in Warner Bros.' latest animated feature? Turns out it's due, at least in part, to concerns about a female character headlining after the sales performance of the critically lauded "Wonder Woman" feature. [Newsarama]

Celebrities: "La Bamba" and "Aquaman" TV pilot star Lou Diamond Phillips says he's begun work on an upcoming graphic novel. [Twitter]

Nudity: It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but comics have had more than a few nude fight scenes. Blastr picks 10 of their favorites, but manages to snub Super Grover's odd printed adventure (which I probably only imagined seeing at my dentist's office as a kid). [Blastr]

Video: Boom! Studios has released a new trailer for "Stan Lee's The Traveler" #1 by Mark Waid and Chard Hardin. [Boom Studios]

Threads: Mighty Fine's exclusive superhero tee shows what happens when Spider-Man and Captain America use super social networking sites. [Mighty Fine]

History: Ryan Haupt explores the real life Ray Palmer who edited a sci-fi magazine read by Dr. Carl Sagan as a lad. [iFanboy]

Bricks: We all know Iron Man is MEGA Bloks kind of guy these days, but this chibi version of the hero in Lego is still tons of fun. [Super Punch]

Replicas: UD Replicas' new "The Dark Knight" Batman utility pouch comes complete with a slot for your phone. For the sake of solid communication, we recommend not Bale-ifying your voice should you pick up a call while wearing this about town. [Gizmodo]

Toys: Customizer Leecifer puts a kind of stained-glass Spider-Man polish on a vinyl Jouwe. [Toycutter]

Science: James Stokoe lends his talents to helping Wired explain the science of roller coasters with highly enjoyable results. [Wired]

Threads: First Moleskines, now Converse. Peanuts can not be stopped! [Super Punch]