Movies: The Daily Planet's lobby from Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel looks a little something like this. [io9]

Comic Strips: Poynter's Joe Romenesco reports that the Chicago Tribune has pulled a week of Doonesbury strips for including excerpts from a Sarah Palin biography by Joe McGinniss, which doesn't drop until September 20, and therefore can't be reviewed by the paper for accuracy. [The Comics Reporter]

Novelty: Alright everyone, chill, Kotobukiya's got silicone Batman emblem ice trays on the way. [TNI]

Cats: This kitty plays in serious Doctor Who style. [TDW Geek]

TV: AMC has released its official poster for season two of The Walking Dead, which kids off with a 90-minute premiere on October 16. [AMC]

Drawing: Perspective is a difficult illustration element to master, but this crazy machine can help any human with two eyes and a lot of patience out considerably. [Gizmodo]

Tech: Wacom's upcoming Wacom Cintiq 24HD will make you swoon. [Engadget]

Gaming: Ever wonder what would happen if Mega Man X charged his mega buster for too long? Dorkly explores one eventuality. [Dorkly]

Documentaries: Morgan Spurlock, Joss Whedon and Stan Lee's Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope is apparently getting a good response at Toronto International Film Festival. [Underwire]

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