Industry: Marvel has hired Peter Phillips as Senior Vice President & General Manager, Digital Media Group. He'll be working in digital publishing, social networking and other digital avenues. [Marvel]

Movies: Harry Lennix has joined the cast of Zack Snyder's Superman movie The Man of Steel as General Swanwick. [Variety]

Digital: DC is now offering all 27 Planetary issues in a digital omnibus for $24.99 via its comiXology app. You'll have to track down the specials separately, though. [Blog@]

Animation: Not to call Marvel's historical record into question, but it seems pretty logical that Captain America could have been frozen in a bomb pop. [Reddit]

Digital: To celebrate befriending more than 2 million fans on its Facebook page, Marvel is offering its digital Digital Comics Unlimited annual subscriptions for 30 percent off with the code "2MILL2011" through the rest of today. [Marvel]

Toys: Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have revealed their second wave of Real Ghostbusters Minimates. The logo ghost getting its own figure is truly a thing of genius. [Art Asylum]

Humor: Remember the Iron Man 2 cheerleaders, the Ironettes? This is like them, but not. [i09]

Videos: Old Man Logan gets a Clint Eastwood-heavy fan trailer from WhiplashDynamo. If only they'd found a way to work in Dino Venom. [Gamma Squad]

Movies: Conan the Barbarian's got a slick new movie poster that seems to ensure some Lovecraftian monster action. [Fandango]

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