Ghostbusters was one of the most important movies of my childhood, but the first time I tried to watch it, it was too scary for me. What can I say? I was five. The library ghost turned into a screaming monster, and I was done. I came back to it on VHS a couple years later, and by that time of course I was already a huge fan of The Real Ghostbusters on television. I even tried watching Filmation's Ghostbusters a couple of times, but I never could figure out what the deal was with that show and why it had a gorilla on it.

However you first came to it, Ghostbusters was a classic of the 1980s. Its special blend of action and comedy, sci fi and the supernatural, made it unlike anything else at the time, and nothing that tried to imitate it really came close (not even Ghostbusters II).

But now, like so many things from that era, it's back as a rebooted, reimagined remake. I can't imagine it will quite capture the magic of the original (although if you take off the nostalgia glasses, that film does have some flaws). But I'm excited to see it anyway. The trailer make it look like a fresh fun take. And of course this Ghostbusters stars women, which is also really exciting. More female-led comedies are always a plus, and it helps that these are four of the funniest women working today. If you're going to remake Ghostbusters, this is certainly more appealing than the James Franco as Venkman/Seth Rogan as Ray alternative.

So in celebration of the new Ghostbusters and the classic film that inspired it, here's some great fan art of characters and scenes from both movies. A lot Egon Spengler, a lot of Jillian Holtzmann, some Slimer, even a Gozer or two. This is the gallery to scroll through while you're deciding who you're going to call.


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