If you've ever wanted to revisit the taste that defined your Ghost Busters-loving youth, Ghost Busters Chicago Division has uncovered a recipe for Minute Maid's legendary Hi-C Ecto-Cooler flavor. It may not come in a box bearing The Real Ghostbusters' animated Slimer, but its oozing with ectoplasmy nostalgia. Using nothing more than pulp-free orange juice, tangerine juice, packets of drink mix, tons of sugar, water and food coloring, the GBCD seems to have recreated a booze-free mixology masterpiece... although I bet those of age could spice up homebrewed Ecto-Cooler approximations for GB/Halloween parties.

According to the Wikipedia entry I used to check about once every six months from the time I was in high school to the time I graduated college, Ecto-Cooler existed as differently-named flavors beginning in 2001 until its complete discontinuation in 2007. I will totally cop to being too lazy to hunt down any of the Slimer-less Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen and Crazy Citrus Cooler flavors back then, but this video has inspired me to stock up on some ingredients and stir up a batch or two at home.

Catch the recipe vid below and share your impressions of the recipe in the comments, should you chose to brew up a batch.

Classic Ecto-Cooler commercial:

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