Upcoming: None other than Ninjak will make his return to comics in Valiant's X-O Manowar on September 12. [Valiant]

TV: The next Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Megaforce, will apparently include 42 episodes, two holiday specials and run for two seasons through 2014. [Toku Nation]

Opinion: Alyssa Rosenberg discusses how men can confront sexism in video games and other media. [Think Progress]

Tokusatsu: You juice commercials featuring sentai homages, right? Great, then watch this. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: Hasbro's third Marvel Legends wave will include a 6" figure of Danielle Moonstar in her New Mutants costume. [Marvel]

Gaming: 3DS owners can now download the The Amazing Spider-Man video game demo. [Nintendo]

Movies: Want to jam to samples of The Dark Knight Rises score? Look no further. [Batman-News]

Gaming: The Marvel Super Hero Takeover addition to Disney's Club Penguin game is now live. [CP]

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