Martians have been tangibly attacking everyone from Popeye to KISS to Judge Dredd of late in IDW comics of late, but this Wednesday New York's favorite paranormal exterminators must deal with a far more ethereal threat in the Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters one-shot by Erik Burnham and Jose Holder. Depending on your allegiances (you'd better not be pro-Martian, traitors!), it's usually nice to watch Earth's engorged-brained foes felled by this planet's champions. But what about the Martians that stick around after their bodies are spent? Burnham and Holder have cooked up a pretty fun story that sees the GB team and Slimer respond to just that scenario, which you can preview after the cut.From IDW's official solicitation info:

Something even stranger is in the neighborhood when the restless spirits of some merciless Martians are stirred from their slumber to attack again! It's up to the REAL Ghostbusters to save New Jersey from this angry red threat. Well... if they must.

You can read eight pages from Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters below.

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