Back when the sequel to last year's Ghostbusters board game was announced, the first big question that came to mind for me was "what's left to add?" The success of the initial Kickstarter campaign meant that the first one was full of add-ons, adding a roster of new characters and adversaries. Of course, the obvious answer was that Ghostbusters II would include elements of, y'know, Ghostbusters II, but as designer Mataio Wilson said in our interview, they had access to everything from the source material, from the movies to the comics to the cartoon.

And now, the campaign is making good on that potential. This week, Cryptozoic Entertainment announced an expansion for Ghostbusters II: The "Get Real" pack, which adds five new characters based on the 1986 Real Ghostbusters cartoon.



In addition to the new figures, the set also includes a game piece for Ecto-2, the one-person helicopter that, if you're anything like me and spent a whole lot of time buying Ghostbusters toys in the late '80s, will provoke an instant "hey, I had that!" reaction.

The "Get Real" pack not only joins a roster of extras and accessories for the game that have been unlocked by the campaign --- which has already racked up a staggering $600,000 --- it also joins last year's Ghostbusters: Get Real comic miniseries as part of a strange miniature revival of interest in the cartoon:


Art by Joe Quinones


And before you ask, yes: The campaign already has add-ons based on the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon that only ran for four months in 1997. They are covering all of their bases.