Upcoming: Marvel has released a closer look at its Free Comic Book Day 2013 lead-in by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung to its Thanos-centric Infinity miniseries launching in August. [Marvel]


Animation: The latest clip from DC Nation's new Teen Titans Go! animated series sees the team battle evil (and wait in line). [SHH]

Video: Ultron deals with upgrade issues in the latest Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! [Marvel]

Gaming: Following the success of the ShiftyLook webcomic (and forthcoming animated series), Bravoman will return to video games in Bravoman: Super-Unequaled Hero of Excellence this summer on mobile devices. [ShiftyLook]

Manga: Coinciding with the dub release of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in Japan, the series will be getting a manga adaptation in Pucchigumi magazine. [ANN]

TV: A potentially revealing Arrow sizzle reel was shown this past weekend at WonderCon. [MTV]

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