Gaming: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds finally has a release date. Get ready to call in sick February 15, 2011. [Joystiq]

Music: Cliff Chiang has created a one-page Lady Gaga comic for GQ. It goes on sale later this month and looks Clifferiffic so far. [Blog@]

Fandom: Sometimes fandom can go too far. When it does, as in the case of this Harry Potterphile, we're glad YouTube exists so we can watch it from a safe distance. [Topless Robot]

Art: You've never seen Pokémon quite as imposing as Pixiv artist Yoshio's awesome monstrosities. [Kotaku]

Threads: "Infinity Power" by Threadless user BioTwist combines Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet with Nintendo's Power Glove. It's still in the voting stage, but would-be wearers can make the magic happen should they choose to participate. [Super Punch]

Batmans #704 features the return of writer/artist Tony Daniel in November, which features the return of Catgirl. [The Source]

More Previews: Matt Fraction teases a portion of the upcoming Iron Man #500 with script segments and a page of thumbnails. [MattFraction]

Video: It might seem like kids today have it pretty good, what with their Internets and iPhones, but the truth is they've got it tougher than ever. They have Jar Jar Binks. How is parent supposed to cope in these tough times? [Asylum]

Webcomics: Natalie Dee ponders the meaninglessness of at least one aspect of social network sites. [The Daily What]

Gaming: Sony's released a new video detailing one of the first magic missions players will experience in DC Universe Online, which will unite them with Zatanna in Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop. [DCUO]

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