Gaming: Twitter's MRVLCATS phenomenon may have passed, but DeviantArtist Suzuran's "Meowvel Vs. Catcom" piece reawakens our kitty love in a big way. [Capcom Unity]

Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man is being shot on 3ality Digital's TS-5 wireless and handheld beamsplitter mirror rig. What do you make of this RED fans? [The Hollywood Reporter]

History: Could the comics biz really be more profitable today than it was back in the '50s? John Jackson Miller crunches some numbers and lets them do some talking. [The Beat]

Music: Die Antwoord keeps on die antwoording with a yet another hyper ironic (or whatever) video that includes a golden Catwoman costume... of sorts (NSFW Audio). [YouTube]

Art: David Finch gets Demonic with the cover to The Dark Knight #5, which drops in June. [The Source]

Gaming: The new trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Game is kind of like the movies, only with fewer racist caricatures and mullets. [SuperHeroHype]

Art: Kagan McLeod illustrates "Dreaming of Wonder Woman" for Glamour. [Super Punch]

Robots: Transformers may not earn much pride by way of Michael Bay, but at least real life roboticists at the National Taiwan University's Bio-Inspired Robotic Laboratory are making the world a place where transforming and rolling out is a cool thing. [io9]

Mutants: You want a teenage mutant ninja turtle? Would you settle for just a regular mutant turtle of undetermined age? [The Daily What]

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