Movies: New photos from Thor: The Dark World give fans their best look yet at the film's elf-y antagonists. [ScreenCrush]


SMH: Even though it was taken down, The FW was forced to write the headline "There’s a Petition Asking the White House to Stop Ben Affleck From Playing Batman" by reality. Really. There's also a second (still live) petition asking Warner Bros. to change their minds. [TheFW]


Video: ...I.... can't stop watching this. [Notnotsandvichhobo]


Toys: Rotobox's Minicel Batman will soon rock "Hush" colors. [Tomopop]


Art: Nintendo characters get downright scary in the sculptures of Cig Neutron. [Kotaku]


Accessories: Mjolnir ice and a Deadpool bottle opener may just be the conversation-starters (or enders) you need at your next soiree. [Marvel]