Movies: It looks like Iron Man 3's bonus Agent Carter short won't be the last time fans see actress Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. [ScreenCrush]



Humor: The One Cam imagines a brutal Avengers/Superman/Batman movie crossover... with a twist! [TheOneCam]



Upcoming: The Walking Dead #115 is going to have... a lot of covers. Here's what they all look like together. [Image]


People: Kansas City's KCTV5 profiles toymaker and sculptor Adam Smith, who has done work on many of the action figure lines we cover here at CA. [KCTV5]



Toys: It seems LEGO won't be able to pursue Jurassic Park sets due to another company owning the construction toy license for the brand. [Cuusoo]


Gaming: Infinite Crisis fans can now sign up for the upcoming video game's Beta. [IC]

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