Art: Texas-based artist Mondo pays tribute to director Guillermo Del Torro with a heaping helping of tribute poster goodness. [Underwire]

Submissions: If you've ever wanted to get your work published at Dark Horse Comics, you'd do well to read submissions editor John Schork's supplemental guide to the do's and don'ts. [Dark Horse]

Industry: Mark Chiarello has been named VP Art Direction & Design at DC Comics and will, "oversee the operations of DC's Editorial Art Department and lead in establishing the style, visual look and graphic design across all of DC's imprints.". [The Source]

Gaming: A new promo for Marvel Pinball shows off the Wolverine board. The music's pretty nu-metally in the promo, but we won't know what the actual level sounds like until closer to its December 8 release date on the Xbox Arcade or down the road on Dec. 14 on the PlayStation Network. [IGN]

Threads: If you're the kind of cat to charge into battle with a Wiimote, this Thundernerds tee design at Threadless by Luis Pippi is probably worth your vote. [Super Punch]

Holiday Cheer: Cutting out paper snowflakes is a hoot from scratch, but these Star Wars-themed flakes by a mother inspired by her young son are dope enough to emulate. It'd be nice to see a snowtrooper in the group, though. [The Daily What]

Indie: Artist Nathan Fox discusses his dystopian Fluorescent Black and its as-yet-unnamed prequel. . [MTV Geek]

Sequels: The next Ghostbusters game isn't a direct sequel to Atari's 2009 FPS and won't feature any of the film's original voice talent, but it still might be fun to play, right? RIGHT?! [Multiplayer]

J-pop: You know what Kamen Rider really needed? Its own all-female idol group. [Kotaku]