Comics: The Marvel Age looks at fan correspondence from Stan Lee that reveals Dr. Strange was originally supposed to be called Mr. Strange, which is a way better name that Fartface Booger Strange if you ask me. [Blastr]

TV: A Green Arrow TV casting sheet may have surfaced, revealing spoilers about CW's potential upcoming live action series. [Spinoff]

Legal: Archie co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit has been banned from corporate offices and from contacting company employees by a judge. [NYDN]

Anime: A new trailer featuring the US voice cast of The Borrowers Arrietty takes viewers into the vocal booth. [ANN]

Magazines: Photoshop Disasters points out a few problems with Grazia's new Wonder Woman-themed cover that go beyond simply using a glittery costume that looks like it sports the Coco Chanel logo. [PSD]

Attractions: Universal Orlando is set to unveil an updated Spider-Man ride in March at its Islands of Adventure theme park. [SHH]

Art: CA contributor Kevin Mellon's art -- including pencils for two pieces he did for Great Comics that Never Happaned -- is currently 33 percent off at Cadence Comic Art. [CCA]

Animation: There's nothing that's okay about this bizarre commercial for a Russian casino stocked with Pink Panther fairy creatures? [Cartoon Brew]

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