Art: Anthony Clark has posted his take on the three original starting Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) on Tumblr. [Nedroid]

Photos: As The Adventures of Tintin plays in theaters around the world, HuffPo takes a look at all the places Hergé's hero (and his dog Snowy) have traveled over the years. [The Huffington Post]

Manga: Gantz creator Hiroya Oku wrote in Young Jump magazine that he wants to finish the series in 2012. [ANN]

Deliciousness: What I wouldn't give for a Pikachu latte of my own... [Side Mission]

Gaming: A new trailer for the upcoming PS3 One Piece Kaizoku Musou game shows several of the Straw Hats battling enemy forces. [Crunchy Roll]

Eats: Michele Chen's pocket Hello Kitty pies look meowlicious. [Neatorama]

Gaming: First Spider-Man invaded Skyrim, and now Futurama's Dr. Zoidberg has joined the fray as a modded spider creature. [Kotaku]

Auctions: LA's Golden Apple Comics is moving on, but interested parties can buy the shop for $679,000 on eBay if interested. [Blog@]

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