Toys: MattyCollector's new Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull has been successfully funded via preorders and will hopefully debut in prototype form in time for Toy Fair. [MattyCollector]

Creators: Prison Pit creator Johnny Ryan has launched a new online store, which hosts a number of his original (and NSFW) illustrations. [JohnnyRyan]

Movies: New set photos from Thor: The Dark World by Paul Hennessy with Splash News give fans their clearest look yet at the Dark Elves. [MTV]

Statues: Bowen Designs has turned its attention to Jamie McKelvie's freshly-redesigned Captain Marvel (though they've seemingly added heels, which may prove polarizing). [KSD]

Toys: Designer wulongti has built upon his love for Hasbro's Kre-O Transformers with a custom add-on kit that gives the minifigs a bit more height. [Tomopop]

Art: Dennis Culver has collected his portraits of The Wire characters for a new print. [DennisCulver]

Tech: Mage cosplayers (and vigilantes without nightvision goggles) may be stoked to find out that there is, in fact, a heavy-duty aluminum baseball bat with an LED flashlight at the top that you can buy for less than $50. [Gizmodo]

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