TV: The next companion on Doctor Who will be played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, starting Christmas, 2012. She's excited. [BBC]

Essays: Oguie Maniax examines the way female "defaults" and "templates" affect comic storytelling. [OM]

Creators: Alex Wood gets Robert Crumb's thoughts on influential figures ranging from Eisenhower to Warhol in a fun interview series. [Crumb Products]

Animation: James Kochalka shows off new Super F*ckers character Sh*tstorm, who was created for the upcoming animated adaptation. [Cartoon Hangover]

Cosplay: These Hellboy and Abe Sapien cardboard costumes by Jared Cain may be the best paper product I've ever seen. [Super Punch]

Webcomics: Grant Snider looks at crayons with a fresh perspective. [Incidental Comics]

Toys: Icon Heroes have produced a 10" tall polystone reproduction of the original ThunderCats Lair that's going for $100. [Topless Robot]

Video: Christopher Klassen Films will make you want to play Pokémon Snap IRL. [Kotaku]

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