Movies: Warner Bros. latest Green Lantern movie poster is suitably sprawling. Ryan Reynolds even looks like he's wearing a real domino mask rather than a painted-on CGI one! [Spinoff]

Upcoming: Following a few delays, it looks like Batwoman from J.H. Williams III is go for a September launch. [DCWKA]

Creators: Jeffrey Brown explains his Incredible Change-Bots Two inspirations in a super fun bio comic for the Graphic NYC site. [Top Shelf]

Webcomics: Jeff Parker and Erika Moen's Portland-tastic Bucko has completed its first chapter! Go catch up on the series so far on this blessed day. [Bucko]

Amazing: Lance Cardinal's custom Palisades Muppet Theatre Playset is the best thing ever. [The Mary Sue]

Art: There's no marshmallows in this Jell-oBoy by Ript Apparel design submitter Daniel. [Robot6]

Gaming: Judging from this 999+ hit combo, somebody's pretty good at Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (in training mode). [Kotaku]

Threads: The Man in the Yellow Hat may have doomed us all. Some monkeys just want to watch the world burn. [Threadless]

Cosplay: With convention season heating up, you could do a whole lot worse than Vó Maria's DIY Magneto helmet. [Neatorama]

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