Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb has announced the new movie Harry Osborn, actor Dane DeHaan (Chronicle). [Twitter]

Humor: Simon Liu recreates the classic Batman-themed variation of "Jingle Bells" in Lego. [The Brothers Brick]

Movies: Darkseid is rumored to be the main bad guy in WB's potential upcoming Justice League movie. [Latino Review]

People: Eric Jou profiles Wang Xiao Kang aka Master Kang, in celebration of his fantastic Iron Man (and other) armor achievements. [Kotaku]

Video: Tokyo's Odaiba island decks the halls, life-sized Gundam style. [ANN]

Gaming: The retail edition of Telltale's collected multi-chapter The Walking Dead video game will arrive in stores on December 11. [Multiplayer]

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