Movies: Director Bryan Signer has Tweeted a first look at Beast as portrayed by actor Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. [Bryan Singer]

Awesome: Counter656 is back with another insanely rad Dragon Ball Z stop motion animation using S.H. Figuarts. [Crunchyroll]

Movies: Tony Stark tells the Mandarin to come and get him in the latest Iron Man 3 promo. [Yahoo!]

Toys: The next D-Arts Mega Man X figure will rock Ultimate Armor. [Cybergundam]

Legal: According to a new court ruling, Superman creator Jerome Siegel and Joseph Shuster's heirs' lawyer Marc Toberoff won't have to pay $500,000 in legal fees to DC Comics. [Variety]

Gaming: NECA, Wizkids and MFV's TabApp Elite will feature Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman... and potentially even more DC heroes when it launches this month. [TAE]

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