'Masters of the Universe' Comic Writer Loses Ownership Suit
Nearly eight months after filing a lawsuit claiming at least some ownership stake in several Masters of the Universe characters, writer Donald Glut has come up short.
U.S. District Judge Manuel Real has determined that toymaker Mattel owns the franchise and all its characters lock, stock and barrel, …
Marvel Settles With Gary Friedrich Over Ghost Rider Rights
In what could only be considered a victory for Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich, Marvel Comics has apparently offered a settlement in his case against the publisher for ownership of the character.
Friedrich's attorney informed a federal judge in New York that the creator and Marvel have worked o…
The Ghost Rider Ownership Case Gets Fuzzier
A little over a year ago, a judge ordered Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich to renounce any claim to the character and fork over $17,000 to Marvelfor selling unlicensed Ghost Rider memorabilia at conventions. Now, the tables may have turned.
DC Settles Hair-Raising Lawsuit Over Superman Barber
First, DC Comics gets a victory in one Superman-related legal battle, now it's settling another: The publisher has come to an agreement with Supermen Fades-to-Fros, a Florida barbershop that was clearly inspired by the Man of Steel.Not only does the name of Reginal Jones' chain of shops - "the …

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