Warner Bros. has settled the lawsuit it was facing from Smallville producers Tollin/Robbins Productions over whether or not the former was unfairly licensing the series to subsidiary companies for a lower price than market rate, but the company is still going to court over the allegations nonetheless. So is that a victory for justice or the American Way...?Warners has been facing legal action over the alleged "sweetheart deals" it made for Smallville since March 2010, when Tollin/Robbins and show creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough filed papers against the company. The lawsuit alleged that Warner Bros. Television had signed deals with the WB, and later the CW, that gave the networks the right to screen the series for less money than they would have had to pay if the companies were not connected in any way. Those low prices, it was said, meant that Tollins/Robbins, Millar and Gough had been unfairly cheated out of millions of dollars' worth of royalties and profits from the show.

The terms of the settlement between Warner Bros. and Tollin/Robbins has not been revealed, but just because the latter submitted papers in LA Superior Court to dismiss its claims, that doesn't mean that the case is actually finished; Miles Millar and Alfred Gough have not dropped their side of the lawsuit, and that is still headed to trial on June 10. Unless the two creators are offered an even better deal, of course.

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