First, DC Comics gets a victory in one Superman-related legal battle, now it's settling another: The publisher has come to an agreement with Supermen Fades-to-Fros, a Florida barbershop that was clearly inspired by the Man of Steel.Not only does the name of Reginal Jones' chain of shops - "the premier barber shop[s] in Orlando," according to its website, with two locations in Eatonville and Winter Park - use the name of the famous DC Comics character, it also uses the familiar Superman logo and S-shield in its publicity and decor. Last year, DC took exception to this and launched legal proceedings against Jones, claiming that his business was infringing on its trademark and should change his company's name and destroy all material that was in any way connected with the Superman trademark.

On Tuesday, however, a Florida federal judge signed off on a settlement between the two parties that ended the lawsuit. Details of the agreement aren't available, but given that the website for Jones' business doesn't make any mention of a name change anytime soon, it's possible that DC's legal team realized just how ridiculous this lawsuit was and may have backed off for fear of bad publicity.

We can only hope that Jones feels emboldened by this experience, and launches a new chain aimed at women called Wonder Women's Power Girl Salon for All The Catwomen and Big Bardas Out There (Poison Ivy).

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