Just because President Obama won re-election last week, that doesn't mean that the apocalyptic horror world that Mitt Romney and various right-wing elements promised us were forthcoming won't actually happen. If only there was some way to ask the White House to create a new branch of law enforcement that could keep America safe while simultaneously giving a boost to the country's ailing motorcycle and lawgiver manufacturing industries... Oh, wait.

Congratulations, whoever created a petition on We, The People - the online portal created by the White House to make it easier for Americans to petition their government, as promised and guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution - suggesting that America surrenders its current legal system in favor of something far more futuristic, dystopian and forgiving of large green boots:

At time of writing, the petition only has 66 signatures; in order to be considered for a response from the White House, it needs to hit 25,000 signatures by December 13. Drokk! You know what you need to do, citizens. It's what Eustace Fargo would want.

In entirely unrelated news, the latest issue of 2000AD, which includes the latest installment of the Judge Dredd crossover epic "The Cold Deck" is available digitally today, and IDW's Judge Dredd series launches later this month.

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