Television: Sony has released a whole bunch of photos from its new Powers series on the PlayStation network in advance of a trailer premiere at New York Comic-Con. [ScreenCrush]


Movies: The roles of Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey will be recast in upcoming X-Men movies (if they're in them at all), according to producer Simon Kinberg. [io9]


Manga: Series creator Hajime Isayama says the Attack on Titan manga will likely come to an end in around three years. [RocketNews24]


Toys: This boss Street Fighter II E. Honda statue will set you back anywhere between $315 and $350. [ArcadeSushi]


Television: Boardwalk Empire actor Shea Whigham will join the cast of ABC's Agent Carter series as the titular character's boss. [Deadline]


 Movies: One time while filming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in Romania, Nicolas Cage went and slept at Dracula's castle. True story. [blastr]