Photography: Hoffer Photography showcases the wedding of Erin and Tim, whose party seemed to have a secret identity all its own. [Hoffer Photography]

Conventions: According to organizer ReedPop, this past weekend's New York Comic Con was attended by more than 95,000 attendees over its three days of operation. [ICv2]

Cosplay: Hollywood's crackdown on costumed characters hasn't quite extended to St. Louis, Mo., where 23-year-old Charlee Chartrand has been making a living for himself since the age of 18 a Superman impersonator. [Desert News]

This past Sunday's "The Simpsons" opening got the Banksy treatment with wall-writing, toxic waste and dead dolphin tape. [Super Punch]

TV: The BBC's "Doctor Who" is coming to America to shoot a Steven Moffat-written 2-parter set in the '60s to air next season. [Comingsoon]

Toys: Mattel's upcoming Walmart-exclusive DC Universe Classics 2-Packs will include Gentleman Ghost/Hawkgirl and Superman/Parasite. [Toynewsi]

Threads: You can now get your Jedi or Sith on bathrobe style. Prepare for super comfortable cosplay. [Topless Robot]

Creators: As pointed out by TCR, Dollar Bin Production's "Afrodisiac" 2010 tour video featuring creator Jim Rugg is worth a watch. [The Comics Reporter]

Art: Scooby Doo's most accident-prone companion gets serious with a proton pack. [Art Jumble]

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