Movies: The first image of Hiroki Narimiya as Phoenix Wright in Japan's upcoming Ace Attorney live action film from Otona Fami magazine doesn't merit any objection from me. [ANN]

Auctions: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has announced new fall auctions, which include art from Neal Adams, Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood, Cliff Chiang and many others. [CBLDF]

Movies: DreamWorks animation has picked up the movie rights to Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants comic-infused book series. Tra-la-laaa, dudes. [Deadline]

Cancelations: Marvel's Alpha Flight ongoing by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Dale Eaglesham will end with issue #8. [iFanboy]

Comedy: Conan O'Brien ponders whether Batman is getting too old for Arkham City. [TeamCoCo]

Movies: Skinny Steve Rogers gets profiled in this Captain America: The First Avenger featurette. [Marvel]

Gaming: The dungeon crawler Lost Heroes will be released on the 3DS in Japan next year, with Kamen Rider, Ultraman and a Gundam model in tow. [Kotaku]

Video: How It Should Have Ended provides some alternate conclusions to Ghostbusters. [HISHE]

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