Science: A pair of MIT scientists have developed a set of robot arms that extend from a harness, similar to Doctor Octopus' arms. Doesn't seem like anything could go wrong there. [New Scientist]

Creators: Former Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T. Davies pitched a Who graphic novel to BBC Books for the character's 50th anniversary next year, and they turned him down. [io9]

Toys: Toys R Us is now offering five pretty sweet, exclusive Sonic The Hedgehog Erector sets that recreate classic Sonic levels. (Insert Sonic slashfic joke here.) [Polygon]

Movies: Shellhead fans in the United Kingdom will get to see Iron Man 3 hit theaters there sometime in April 2013, while U.S. fans will have to wait until May 3. [ComicBookMovie]

TV: G4 TV announced that it is canceling two of its flagship gaming shows, X-Play and Attack of the Show, at the end of the year. AOTS was one of the few shows on national TV that featured substantial comics content, including annual coverage of Comic-Con and creator interviews. [G4]

Video: Watch illustrator booota do a live-painting demonstration on a Wacom Cintiq. [AnimeNewsNetwork]

Gaming: Marvel Avengers Alliance players on Facebook have a new Halloween-themed Spec Op to play: "All Hallows," featuring Ghost Rider, Satana, Baron Mordo and Mephisto. [Marvel]

Video: Cartoon Network's Mad mashes up Pokemon and CBS' Person of Interest. [CrunchyRoll]

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