Art: The Etsy shop of "theGorgonist" has some great Alice in Wonderland illustrations, plus this totes adorbs Star Trek bro-down between Kirk and Spock performing an intergalactic fistbump. (Super Punch)

: "Where the Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak answers a question about whether the movie will be too scary for kids by telling overprotective parents to "go to hell." (io9)
Awesome: Los Angeles recently celebrated Stan Lee Day. Seriously. Mostly, I love this big official scroll full of calligraphy and words like "whereas" and then Stan Lee swinging around with Spider-Man at the center. (Newsarama)

Webcomics: Now that Google Maps is all the rage for making design portfolios, webcomics pioneer Scott McCloud has suggested that creators try using it as a canvas, which is a great idea. Reading McCloud's blog is highly recommended for the times when you're feeling bored and cynical about comics -- his sense of wonder and imagination is infectious. Please also enjoy his incredibly refreshing take on why reviews are useful for creators -- even the bad ones:

For myself, I always consider reviews useful-even the hatchet jobs. It makes my heart sink a little when I hear other artists dismiss all reviews as irrelevant to their process. A common claim is that reviews tell us "only about the reviewer" and tell us "nothing about the work," but I disagree. Yes, reviewers have biases. Yes, they miss the point sometimes. But there's always some kind of information embedded in any reaction to any creative effort.

: In honor of the Marge Simpson Playboy cover, Holy Taco presents 10 Rejected Cartoon Cover Girls.

Celebrities: Rashida Jones joins the party at Oni Press with "Frenemy of the State," a comic about an heiress spy that she co-created with Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir. It's already been optioned for a film, but surprisingly, Jones isn't angling for the main part. (Cinematical)

Music: Star Wars: In Concert is on the road -- will the orchestra be coming to your city? Is it the tour you're looking for? (Popcandy)

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