Movies: What do you think of the new RoboCop suit so far? [ComingSoon]

Industry: Archie Comics has named Adam Tracey its new Director of Publicity and Marketing. [Archie]

Gaming: The Angry Birds spin-off, Bad Piggies, has an official comic tie-in teasing the game's September 27 launch. [Joystiq]

Office: If you're tired of storing pens in a plain ol' coffee mug, Deadpool is here to lend you his... brain. [Tomopop]

Anthologies: On October 1 J. Torres will launch an IndieGoGo page to fund True Patriot, a 100-page print/digital anthology dedicated to Canadian super heroes featuring art from creators such as Scott Chantler, Ramon Perez, Andy Belanger, Faith Erin Hicks, and Jack Briglio and Ron Salas. [Robot 6]

Gaming: A 50th Anniversary edition Doctor Who Monopoly game is set for an October release. [Nerd Approved]

New: Drama, Raina Telgemeier's all-ages OGN followup to her Eisner Award-winning Smile, is now in stores and online. [Goraina]

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