Art: Bryan Lee O'Malley pays tribute to Street Fighter Zero 2 with the cover to a Japanese edition of Scott Pilgrim collecting volumes 5 and 6. [Robot6]

Digital: IDW has announced the distributed more than one million apps on the Apple App StoreSM. [IDW]

Animation: The first 13 episodes of Disney XD's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes will debut on DVD April 26. Prepare for a whole lot of Tony Stark exclaiming "My Tech!" [Marvelousnews]

Astrology: James Wright and Josh Eckert's Geek Zodiac breaks down your sign. I'm a Wizard, it turns out. [Geek Tyrant]

Teasers: Marvel continues to unveil characters with the mysterious VENGEANCE! tag. [Blog@]

Toys: Kidrobot's new Foomi and Kracka minis are out. I'd excpect to see some wonderful custom comic book characters online before long. [Tomopop]

Adult: Captain America will get his turn at an xxx parody this summer from Extreme Comixxx. [FirstComicsNews]

Promos: Well, it took a decade, but come May 13 Smallville's Clark will finally know who he is. Hopefully it's not still a dude in a leather jacket. Oh man, you guys. Wouldn't be awesome if his Superman costume had a leather cape?! [SuperHeroHype]

Art: Demiurgic rekindles memories of Pikachu's Beach from Pokémon Yellow. [Kotaku]

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